Navigating Senior Care

an adult daughter caring for her aging mom

26September 2023

Simplified Guide: Getting Paid for Caring for Your Parents

Heads up! If you’re an adult child stepping in to care for your aging parents,...

wooden blocks that spell MAXIMUM

25September 2023

Preparing Your Parent’s Home for Maximum Returns

Life’s tapestry is woven with transitions, and for those entrusted with the care of aging...

Aging Parents Transitioned to Assisted Living

25September 2023

The Transition: Selling a Home to Move Parents into Assisted Living

As life’s journey progresses, there comes a point when the roles shift, and children become...

senior couple selling home

24September 2023

Walking Through Your Aging Parent’s Home Selling Process

As the sun sets on one chapter of life, a new one unfolds, often bringing...

a small model of a house and two men shaking hands at the background

24September 2023

How to Sell My Elderly Parent’s Home Quickly

Selling a home quickly is often a pressing concern, especially when you’re dealing with an...

tools used for home renovation and remodeling

24September 2023

Enhancing the Home for Your Aging Parent

Remodeling for Value, Safety, Convenience, and Accessibility As our loved ones age, ensuring their safety,...


14September 2023

Unlock Medicaid: How the Middle Class Can Benefit Too

Understanding the Scope of Medicaid Medicaid is often pigeonholed as a form of health insurance...

A daughter exhausted after going through the emotional journey of selling a home for aging parents

14September 2023

The Emotional Journey of Selling a Home for Aging Parents

As the years go by, a natural part of life’s progression is the transition that...

aging parents who are downsizing

14September 2023

A Compassionate Approach to Selling & Downsizing

As life transitions bring us to new chapters, one of the challenges many people face...

aging people socializing and connecting in an environment for connection and comfort

11September 2023

Creating an Environment for Connection and Comfort

Part 3 of 5: Combating Your Parent’s Isolation – with Environment Life’s journey often leads...

and old woman learning how to use technology and devices

11September 2023

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks 

Combating Isolation with Tech-Savvy Solutions Welcome to the second installment in our 5 part series:...

an aging parent socializing with friends

11September 2023

Building a Supportive Network

Part 1 of 5: Combating Your Parent’s Isolation – with a Network As we kick...

old woman in an assisted living arrangement

8September 2023

Combating Isolation: When Assisted Living is the Best Option

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of our series, “Combating Isolation in Your Aging...

old woman getting a call from her daughter who is caring for her at a distance

8September 2023

Combating Isolation: Caring for Your Aging Parent at a Distance

Welcome to the fourth installment of our series, “Combating Isolation in Your Aging Parent.” This...

An aged mother in an assisted living facility

13July 2023

Can’t Afford Assisted Living?

Here’s Your Handy Guide When your mom or dad starts needing more help, you might...

Joint Account Pitfalls

12July 2023

Critical Joint Account Pitfalls: Essential Guide for Caring Daughters

Taking care of aging parents is a noble, heartfelt responsibility. As parents reach a stage...

Tech Products for Aging Parents

30June 2023

Top 10 Innovative Tech Products for Aging Parents

Assisting parents as they age can be a challenging, yet rewarding, responsibility. With the advent...

Understanding the Spectrum of Dementia in Your Parent

26June 2023

Dementia in Your Parent: A Guide for Adult Children

As we age, we inevitably face a multitude of changes, and for many, one of...

23June 2023

Maximize Senior Care Investment – Empower Parent’s Finances

As the great waves of baby boomers enter their golden years, the burden of managing...

Senior Living: Navigating Medicaid Spend-Down Process

21June 2023

Senior Living: Navigating Medicaid Spend-Down Process

Navigating the Medicaid spend-down process is a significant challenge that many families face. In this...

22May 2023

Estate Planning A.I. Tools: Efficiency vs. Pitfalls

As our parents grow older, we often find ourselves in the position of making essential...

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