Ranny and Brian Ray, founders of Senior Home Partners, started as a dedicated husband and wife real estate team with a shared mission: to genuinely care for their clients and their real estate needs.

Today, this dynamic duo has expanded their vision. They have taken their expertise in real estate and combined it with a deep understanding of the unique needs of those on the Senior Transition Journey. With Senior Home Partners, they serve not only as real estate specialists but also as trusted partners for children and their aging parents navigating this crucial life phase.

Vision Statement

NO REGRETS! Our vision at Senior Home Partners is to create a world where children of aging parents are empowered with knowledge, guidance, and support, enabling them to confidently navigate the senior transition journey for their parent. We strive for a reality where each decision made is informed, each step taken is assured, and every senior receives the best possible care. In this world, children of aging parents have no regrets, knowing they've done everything they could for their loved ones. We aspire to be the trusted partner that turns this vision into reality, ensuring a smooth transition, devoid of overwhelm, and filled with peace of mind.

Our Mission

At Senior Home Partners, our mission is to empower children of aging parents by providing guidance, support, and connections to trusted resources throughout the senior transition journey. We strive to revolutionize senior care, alleviate overwhelm, and maximize the value of available resources. Our aim is to ensure peace of mind, delivering all our services free of cost, and fostering an environment of trust, authenticity, and empathy.

Our Story

Born from the experiences of founders Brian and Ranny Ray, Senior Home Partners set out to reshape the senior transition journey in King and Pierce County, Washington. They noticed the challenges and stress the Children of Aging Parents face when managing their seniors' transitions, and they envisioned a service offering comprehensive support and guidance.

Senior Home Partners is about fostering a sense of home during the senior transition journey. They don't just offer assistance - they form partnerships with families, leveraging a trusted network of local experts and cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools. They are present around the clock, dedicated to reducing overwhelm and burnout for the Children of Aging Parents.

Guided by core values of understanding, integrity, authenticity, and generosity, Senior Home Partners delivers their services free of charge, emphasizing care over profit. Today, they are not just a service but a steadfast companion and advocate, ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and dignified transition for every senior they work with.


At Senior Home Partners, we are guided by a core set of values that shape everything we do - from the relationships we build to the services we offer:


We believe in listening to understand, not just to respond. Your stories, concerns, and needs guide us in providing personalized and effective solutions. We are here to hear your fears, frustrations, and aspirations, and guide you through the next steps of your journey.


Our mission is to connect you to trusted local experts and resources that can provide the specific help your loved ones need. We aim to establish meaningful connections that lead to the best possible outcomes.


We stand by our promise to always do the right thing. Whether explicitly stated or implicitly understood, we honor our commitments to our clients and partners. We believe in action, consistency, and accountability.


We provide space for authenticity. We want you to feel comfortable expressing your true emotions and needs. Authenticity leads to trust, and trust is the foundation of every meaningful relationship.


We are generous with our time, attention, empathy, and resources. We strive to be generous in all interactions, always aiming to add value and provide support where it is needed most.


We approach every interaction with empathy. We understand the unique challenges you face, and we are committed to showing compassion and understanding in all our engagements.
Our values reflect our commitment to you and your family. We strive to create a world where every child of an aging parent can feel supported and reassured, knowing they have a trusted partner by their side.