Ranny and Brian Ray are a husband and wife real estate team committed to taking care of people. While they both would like to think that they each can do it all, they provide an exponential amount of value as a team.
With their skills combined, Senior Home Partners work together as YOUR Team to maximize on the sale of your home. Ranny and Brian know that a home is most people’s biggest asset—and the sale of your home is a huge opportunity.

Senior Home Partners works with sellers to maximize on that opportunity.


Ranny is the marketing and sales expert. With nearly two decades of sales experience, Ranny knows how to close a deal through skilled communication and tactful negotiation. Ranny has a sincere love for people with a win-win attitude.


Brian is the home and evaluation expert. As a former contractor, who has flipped houses and built homes from the ground up, Brian is the can-do-it-all handyman that is great with numbers. Brian has a knack for finding creative solutions.