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In most cases it’s worth 10-30% more

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It’s unnerving. Buying. Selling. Packing. Moving. And then...renovations in the middle of  all that? (You’ve got to be kidding me!!) We know it can seem like a minefield. Missteps waste a lot of time and money. 

Maybe it’s you. Or maybe your folks are downsizing and simplifying—and they need your help right now. Whatever the situation, we recognize that the process of selling a home can feel daunting and intimidating. 

We are Senior Home Partners. We give you a clear path through the minefield so you and your loved ones can relax. We’ll walk you carefully through all your options and help you clarify your next steps so you’re moving with confidence. We’ll be your partners the entire way.

You’ve probably heard that “knowledge is power.” We’d love to offer you our Opportunity Analysis so you can experience the clarity and confidence that knowing and understanding your options will give you.

My name is Brian. My wife Ranny and I are partners in what is, for us, a labor of love. While we’re both real estate agents, I bring the added advantage to the team of being a former general contractor. I've developed property, built homes from the ground up, remodeled homes for myself and for clients, and done almost every type of home improvement you can think of.  I understand the actual time and cost of improvements. I also understand real estate investment and how to squeeze the most value out of your home. 

Ranny and I have stumbled upon something immensely rewarding in being able to give this extra value to seniors who need some help preparing and selling their homes; so much so that we decided to make serving this particular community our full time focus. 

Our opportunity Analysis will answer these main questions:

What’s the minimum amount of cash you should accept for your home?

How much money will you make if you fully or partially remodel your home?

How much money will you make if you partner with us to remodel your home?

How much money will you net if we get it ready for sale and take it to the market?

The process is simple: We start by meeting with you at your home.  We’ll take a walk around to get a sense of the value of your home in the current market and any renovations that will make the difference in your pocket book. Then, within a week, we’ll come back to deliver your Opportunity Analysis. The peace of mind you’ll feel at having clarity and confidence about your way forward is immeasurable.

This is what some of the people who’ve worked with us have had to say:

You’re friendly and easy to talk to and you treated us like family.

Ken and Linda Ford - Retirees, moved to Utah
350% ROI

Your expertise was invaluable. You guys are a winning team, who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

DaNay Jackson - Mother's estate sale
298% ROI

You were a trusted partner first and foremost...

Nagendra and Arun Solanky

Ranny and I believe in communication, commitment, effectiveness, authenticity and service and it shows: We generally create over 300% ROI. We want to get you top dollar for your next transition.

We offer this $1000 value to Puget Sound residents only, and it’s FREE to Seniors and their families. Pick a date and time that works for you, or leave us your phone number and we’ll call you with availability.

We’re looking forward to partnering with you!

Your Senior Home Partners,

Brian and Ranny Ray
Former GC turned Real Estate Broker/Developer

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