With our expertise and skills, our clients were confident that we could deliver on our promises–and at the end of the day, they knew we cared. Instead of listening to us, please hear it from them.

The Heatons
271% Return

Want to see why you should trust us with your home sale? See how we turned 35k investment in a light remodel into 150k:

Our clients, the Heatons, had been thinking about moving “for years.” We showed them their “Opportunity Analysis” and told them to hand us the keys. We’d take care of it all.

Check out the transformation, the investment, and the payoff from their perspective.
  • Ranny and Brian really know their stuff. Ranny was always so helpful with information and scheduling, always taking the time to explain things and making sure we knew exactly what we needed to know. There were many times she was able to answer our questions, never out of reach by a phone call, text, or email. The responsiveness and eagerness to close a deal on our new home were greatly appreciated and something I won’t forget. We got the sense that she truly wanted to help get us into a house and that her eagerness and passion for the job were primary factors in that success. I can’t rate this company and these folks highly enough!
    Nicolas Huddleston
    Google Review
  • Ranny and Brian helped to sell my mother's home after her sudden passing. The house needed some work and their renovation expertise came in extremely handy. They were communicative, transparent and above all, caring. The strategy employed brought in more than 20 offers within a matter of a few days, most well above asking. Team Ray is one your want on your side!
    DaNay Jackson
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  • Ranny helped my husband and I navigate our first experience in purchasing a house. Despite us being so overwhelmed with the entire process , Ranny managed to keep us calm and confident that everything will go smoothly. As a result, the very first offer that we ever made was accepted and we became homeowners of a teeny tiny but cute house on lake Washington.

    Absolutely recommended!
    Daria Potapova
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  • What a team!  I've spent over 10 years in real estate investment including luxury residential and commercial properties as a registered engineer and certified project manager, and Ranny is the most highly skilled communicator that you will find in a greater Puget Sound - no one knows better how to sell your home for it's highest value, and no one knows better how to make your offer look most competitive in this market.  To compliment, Brian offers the perfect balance with years of experience remodeling, and has a brilliant eye for renovation, finishes, technical assessment of homes, and modern media support.
    Daniel Rhine
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  • When you hire Team Ray, you're getting 2 for 1 - the best of all worlds and all skill sets in the same package.  From my years of experience, I've seen other agents have teams behind them - but unfortunately they have to support multiple realtors and can't always provide prompt response.  Our increasingly dynamic world requires agile teams to support us as clients, and having 2 resources in Ranny and Brian gives me the best ability to maximize both my buying and selling real estate at the best values.  Highly recommend, and you can ask them to pass my person contact info if you have questions or would prefer a direct testimonial from me.
    Daniel Rhine
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  • Ranny was on the team that helped me buy my house this summer. She was always responsive and informative. In a fast moving process where there were many questions and uncertainty, I felt like I could rely on her support and access to resources. My sense of her was that her experience and willingness to advocate for me put me in the best position as a buyer in a competitive market.
    Lynne Chun
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  • Ranny and Brian are true professionals who take their clients needs seriously. As first home buyers, it was crucial for us to find a perfect place for our future. Ranny and Brian took the responsibility of researching for homes suitable for our specific needs and budget. Thank you so much for helping us with this huge step in our lives!
    Milyausha Fakhrutdinova
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337% Return Remodel to Sell

Tasha had a house full of STUFF that wasn’t hers and a house she needed to sell. After showing Tasha her “Opportunity Analysis,” she chose to list her home and could invest $30k into her home.

She handed us the keys and took a trip to Mexico.

Check out her experience and how we transformed $30k into $101k ($71k profit)!

Meet Debbie!
Puyallup, WA

Debbie lived in Texas and her 94-year-old mother lived in Puyallup. Her mother’s home hadn't been updated since it was built in 1960. This 3000 sq ft beauty was in desperate need of some love, but would it be worth remodeling?

After Debbie saw the “Opportunity Analysis,” she and her family talked about the potential profit they could have made by hiring us to remodel it for them, but in the end, for the time frame they chose, it made more sense to sell it “as is.”