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Cash Buyers Will Not Buy at the Real Value of Your Home
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You may have several reasons for wanting to sell your home to a cash buyer. Maybe you need to relocate, or you just want a smaller home. Or maybe selling to a cashbuyer just sounds faster and easier.

While it could be tempting to sell your home to a cash buyer, there are many risks of doing so. Meanwhile, you can walk away with way more money when you partner up with someone who puts your profit as the one-and-only priority.

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It’s Not Too Good to be True, it was Never Good Enough to Begin With

You might have been contacted by a cash home buyer or may have seen a sign, an ad, or billboard offering to purchase an ugly home for cash fast and wondered if it was too good to be true. Yet the truth is, that cash offer was never good enough to begin with.

Because in the real estate world, investors buy houses with cash to flip or remodel the properties to generate more profit. And that’s why there are many things cash buyers never tell you, such as:

And you’re right.

The lack of transparency is designed to benefit the cash buyer while damaging the seller’s gain because the real estate investors care about maximizing their profit margin, not yours. And with their advantageous knowledge of the housing market, the homeowner is almost always at the cash buyer’s mercy.

Six in ten homeowners sell their home for less than what it is worth

Believe us or not: no matter how many offers you get, we guarantee you’re not making the maximum you could with your house — even if you’re just selling for quick cash.

Remember that cash buyers are usually looking for investments that they can easily turn around for a profit? Therefore, it is different from selling your home to a family who actually will be living in your house.

Of course. You can educate yourself on your home’s fair market value (FMV) and the pricing point where other homes in your area have sold. You can also go look up the selling trends and compare the features of your home to others. But don’t forget this is what real estate professionals invest years and thousands of dollars in learning. can

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We know selling your home can be quite a hassle.

When it’s time to make a significant change, things often become overwhelming. Overall, the real estate selling process can be confusing for someone who sells a home a few times in their life. But with our expert guidance, you will be able to make informed decisions and get the most out of your home.

Our Clients Put at Least $40K More Into Their Pocket

My wife and I created Senior Home Partners because we wanted to provide seniors with one comprehensive solution that coordinates the whole process of

We understand. Selling your home is a personal and emotional journey. But with our excellent customer service and comprehensive real estate knowledge, we will provide you with clarity and confidence, so you know how to hold your ground when it’s time to sell your home to a buyer.

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When You Work with Senior Home Partners, You Work with a Family

My name is Brian. My wife Ranny and I are Partners. While we’re now both Real Estate Agents, I used to be a General Contractor specializing in home remodeling. Therefore, I
understand the actual costs of renovating and how to help you put the most in your pocket at minimum cost.
Senior Home Partners are gifted problem-solvers who focus on each individual’s unique needs. We carefully consider the senior citizen; we also evaluate and assess where they would like to go as well as their ability and desire to take on home renovation or update projects.
We’ve found that we provide so much value to seniors that we’ve decided to go full-time to serve them, and it has been immensely rewarding.

Our Transparent and Streamlined Process

Our “Homeseller’s Roadmap” makes selling your home as simple as going from point A to point B.

We start with a meeting at your home to walk around to understand the scope. Then within a week, we come back to deliver your Opportunity Analysis which answers the following core questions:


You’re friendly and easy to talk to and you treated us like family.

Ken and Linda Ford - Retirees, moved to Utah
350% ROI - Kent, WA

Your expertise was invaluable. You guys are a winning team, who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

DaNay Jackson - Mom's estate sale
298% ROI - Tacoma, WA

You were a trusted partner first and foremost...

Nagendra and Arun Solanky
Seattle, WA

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